Twitter Tuesday Tip: Tool To Tweet Your Resume

For job seekers who want to get their resume in front of employers/recruiters on Twitter, there’s a super-simple solution. is a third-party API  (application programming interface) that allows Twitter users to publish their resume on Twitter in seconds, preserving its original format. You can also track views, solicit feedback, and more.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Tweet Now” button
  3. Upload your resume. TwitRes will accept Microsoft  Word .doc and .docx formats, Adobe PDFs (.pdf), text files (.txt), and rich-text formats (.rtf).
  4. Revise the suggested message of “Check out my resume” with a more tailored ROI-driven message that includes searchable hashtags appropriate to your industry.
  5. For example, if you are a hospital executive looking for opportunities in the Atlanta area, you might say: Available for #healthcare #management #Atlanta; 7 yrs exp turning around #hospital #ops from red to black. Resume:
  6. Limit your tailored message to approximately 115 characters because will then insert a short URL at the end of your tweet pointing to your resume.
  7. Click “I agree to Terms & Conditions”
  8. Click “Post.”
  9. Check your Twitter stream after you’ve clicked Post to see what the tweet looks like. Click on the link in the tweet.
  10. Copy the URL from the tweet and save the URL in a safe place. Use your customized TwitRes URL in any number of places: add to your signature block on your email signature or use the URL as your Web address in your Twitter Profile.


Sample Resume Displayed on Twitter

Here’s an example of how displays your resume (this is my resume):

If you are employed and conducting a confidential job search, you could upload a company bio, a leadership profile, or a projects document instead of a resume. Any document will work – just make it something that will whet the appetite of employers and recruiters!

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  1. Karen says:

    This looks so cool, I can’t wait to do this !

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